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Jill Rudison IFBB Physique Pro Competitor

It all started with a 10lb dumbbell and a weight bench in my dad’s garage. I fell in love with it the moment I set my eyes on it, and am still in love with lifting today. And even though the romance began early, there were months and even years I went without, and yet it always took me back. Never judgmental, never waivering, never doubting: one of the few constants in my life. And it wasn’t until I began to compete did I even understand my true potential and what I am really capable of.

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“Jill brings a complete package of power, beauty, wit, charm and smarts. She is one to keep an eye on in the fitness industry.”

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  • It's 54 degrees in Port St. Lucie and 55 degrees in Los Angeles. Ummmmm.....yeah. 😕❄️ #GlobalWarming4 hours ago
  • Yep....it's confirmed! I really don't like any part of #Florida. I'm officially a home-state hater! #California is my shit. 💩💗🙌10 hours ago
  • Thanks @FedEx for my FAILED $40 10:30AM Overnight First Delivery of my RX eyedrops & now not having any updates on their whereabouts. 😭😫15 hours ago
  • Welcome to #Florida! Hope you didn't wanna hit the beach! It's closed because of bacteria! #WTF #fail 😕👎16 hours ago